When I came to Eastern Uganda on holiday, I had an opportunity to explore what most people never get to see about Uganda; Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa.
I had been to Eastern Uganda once as a kid in school. I came on a school tour organized by my school. We visited Chillington, a farm tool company, we visited Bujagali former Falls, Itanda Falls, source of the river Nile , the cultural palace , we visited Mulbox, a cardboard packaging manufacturer, we visited Tip Top, a bread and pastry company. We also went to the British American Tobacco factory. Coming back to the town Jinja, was reliving my memories of primary school.
I looked around and the town had changed. I saw new structures in place of the ones I saw on my first visit. I walked on the Main Street and even with the ancient Asian architecture, there was a calming effect as people went about their business.
At the Tourist Information office, I saw there were travel companies that organized budget tours of sites in and around Jinja. With no particular criteria, I called the number on the Escape Adventure Tours flyer. I wasn’t looking for a particular company I didn’t have an ideal itinerary.
I met with Sharif an hour later at Flavors Restaurant. He looked happy and it made me happy. I thought maybe it was because I wanted his services but I later realized he was naturally a jolly guy. After exchanging pleasantries, I told him I was on holiday and needed to keep myself busy. I needed a distraction. I need to tour the countryside and what there was to see and explore. In a space of about 15 minutes, Sharif had drawn my itinerary.Uganda1
I wouldn’t want to discredit your itinerary plans with what I got but trust me when I say I had never seen Jinja the way I did, I had experienced wildlife as I did on this trip.
Day one was spent in Jinja. We took a boat ride to the exact point where the River Nile starts off its journey. Touching the water sprouting from the ground at that point was a major life timeline for me. I got to see a couple of bird species around the same area. We then rode up to Samuka Island retreat where we had our lunch. The view from the island was breathtaking, it was overwhelming and relaxing at the same time. We returned to Jinja town later in the evening after having “taken down” platefuls of fish. The chef did justice to the dish.
Once in town, we checked into Eden Rock Resorts Bujagali.
We did a night prowl and hit some hangouts at night. We retired early since we had to travel very yearly the next day to Queen Elizabeth NP where I spotted lots of wildlife, and then went to lshaisha for Tree climbing lions.
Uganda3 Uganda4
Bwindi Impenetrable Reserve to trek Gorillas.
Bwindi is no zoo experience. This is meet-and-greet, in the jungle. These are wild gorillas; they aren’t waiting for you at the forest’s edge forming a welcome committee. You must plunge into the jungle to find them – without the sort of trekking paths to which you might be accustomed. We put focus on the mission and we sure did meet some families deep in the jungle.
On our journey from Jinja to Bwindi, I can’t help but emphasize that surely Uganda is gifted by nature. The green is abundant; the landscape is breath-taking save for some really dry areas that would benefit from rain. Sould you be be interested, contact Sharif, tel:+256773450092 or visit his website www.escapeadventuretoursug.com.
I always sit in my office and what I take in daily is noise, traffic jam, and constant nagging by city hawkers. My weekend gateway was well deserved and it was worth every single penny. I look forward to doing another getaway with family very soon.
This article is courtesy of Africa Adventure Travels.